Coffee Drinkers

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Feb 21st 12 1:04 am
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Re: Coffee Drinkers

by n3rdygrrrl » Feb 21st 12 1:04 am

I started drinking coffee because it was always available in the office. I love the smell of coffee, but not the taste. So I always have to use cream and sugar. I started drinking coffee over tea because brewing tea had become such a hassle...I was always checking temp, setting tea timers, monitoring my tea. Adding cream or sugar to my tea was pretty much a sin. The tea had to stand on its own, and it was my job to expand my pallet to appreciate the flavor the tea had to offer. I couldn't just brew and cup and drink it. Whereas with coffee, I didn't care, I wasn't invested. So I just put cream and sugar in it and drank it. Eventually, the convenience won out, and I gave up tea for almost 3 years.

I recently moved to an office where they do not have coffee. So I have decided if I'm going to have to brew a cup of something, it might as well be tea. So I'm back on the tea. =)

Feb 26th 12 4:28 am
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Re: Coffee Drinkers

by oolongfan » Feb 26th 12 4:28 am

I roast my own coffee so I drink it every day. I drink tea almost daily...but not always, especially if I am busy.

I find that I drink more coffee during the week because it is easier to brew and drink while multi tasking. Since I brew my tea gong fu style, I tend to drink tea when I am not extremely busy...and can appreciate the relaxing process of brewing and tasting.

This trend reverses itself on the weekend: I drink more tea on the weekend since I am less busy and have more time to enjoy brewing my tea.

I do find that some times I crave one over the other. A few weeks ago, I almost went to straight tea for a few days. This week has been the opposite in that I have been craving more coffee in the last two days.

On a side note, I have found that drinking coffee within an hour of drinking tea results in my palate some times being 'off' in tasting my coffee. The same is not true, however, if I drink tea shortly after coffee...I don't notice any change or decrease in palate sensitivity. I think this is simply because my palate is more sensitive in picking up coffee flavors as compared to those in tea...and therefore I am more aware when it is 'off'.