Ugetsu - A Japanese film

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Sep 6th 11 6:31 pm
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Ugetsu - A Japanese film

by meatyard » Sep 6th 11 6:31 pm

I recently watched a film that some may find interesting enough to view.

Ugetsu: A 1953 Japanese film by acclaimed director Kenji Misoguchi. Known for his precise attention to detail, the film is set during “a period of bloody civil conflict” in 16th C Japan. The main character is, “Genjuro, an ambitious potter haunted by a beautiful ghost”.

The film shows Genjuro throwing his pots, with his wife’s help, stacking pots to dry, placing the pots in a climbing kiln and removing them from the kiln after firing.

From the DVD: “the film offers a commentary on the delusions of lust and power and the folly of battle –subjects with special resonance for the film’s original postwar audience.”

Of course, the main interest for TeaChatters is, likely, how interesting it was to see that making pots in the 1500’s was not so different than the way some potters work today.