Taobao Focus issue

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Sep 28th 11 2:27 pm
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Taobao Focus issue

by bryan_drinks_tea » Sep 28th 11 2:27 pm


While this most likely isn't the place to address this issue, I want to talk about it for the sake of doing it.

I made my first taobao order through Taobao Focus a few weeks ago. In the first few days, everything went without a hangup. My package arrived very quickly, but I didn't receive my entire order. One of the tuocha was missing. After addressing this issue to the individuals at taobao focus, they respond, asking for the order number, how many items I ordered, etc...

I sent them this information in my first e-mail, but it's becoming apparent to me that either they aren't reading my e-mails or they don't read English too well.

I will keep this post updated to let you all know what happens in the future. I figured that taobao focus would be a little more helpful in this regard, but I understand that I am just one person out of many who have ordered from that proxy.

Sep 28th 11 4:44 pm
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Re: Taobao Focus issue

by bryan_drinks_tea » Sep 28th 11 4:44 pm

Okay, Taobao Sent me an e-mail back with the exact same message, and then they copied from an earlier e-mail that the package had been shipped.

I already sent them the number of items that I received as well as the order number, which they didn't seem to get yet again. I'm fairly confident that they got the e-mails (my message system would inform me if they didn't) and given that I've sent them the requested information more than once, it's apparent that they either don't care or don't understand. Either way, I'm going to ask for a full refund from these people.

Feb 10th 12 4:12 pm
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Re: Taobao Focus issue

by Salib » Feb 10th 12 4:12 pm

Other problem is that most of the times you try to contact them and they never answer you.

May 7th 12 3:20 am

Re: Taobao Focus issue

by dawm123 » May 7th 12 3:20 am

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May 9th 12 6:34 am
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Re: Taobao Focus issue

by wyardley » May 9th 12 6:34 am

Their communication is definitely a bit iffy - the live chat is a reliable way to get in touch, and I usually have no problems communicating with the support rep in English only -- sometimes they are not super helpful or solicitous, but at least it seems like they understand what I'm saying. It's more difficult to get a response via email (which would be more convenient since they're only online 10:00-18:00 Beijing time). I had some customs issues with the most recent order (which were fine when they re-sent the shipment), but they really were not on top of things about communication when the items were returned.

In earlier orders, things were packed more or less pretty well, but in the most recent order, they packed some teacups along with some really heavy stuff (I knew it was a mistake to combine these orders) without really much of anything to protect them - all 4 cups were packed in one thin layer of plastic material, and no bubble wrap. All 4 cups were damaged - one with some chips and a hairline crack, and rest smashed to bits (and maybe one missing entirely -- I need to check again).

So, just a reminder... get insurance on the shipping if you ship anything delicate, and keep in mind that the proxy services may not always package things well. I'm not picking on this service especially - I haven't had much luck with Taobaonow either, and on top of that, I recognize that a) it's difficult for companies based in China to get good English language customer service reps, and b) this is not a high margin business.