Strange but ...

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Aug 17th 13 3:56 pm
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Strange but ...

by Chip » Aug 17th 13 3:56 pm

... true.

An odd aircraft landed nearby a week or so ago, and I have seen what appears to be an alien-like creature hanging out around my car every night ... maybe he needs some parts for his "ship." :?: :idea: :!: Or he is waiting for a chance to attack me for food?

I finally was able to snap a phew phuzzy phone photos as proof of his existance which I submit for your approval before I go public with them. His arms raised in an attempt to intimidate! His nocturnal vision eyes glowed in the moonlight of our otherwise pitchblack locale.


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Aug 18th 13 3:32 am
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Re: Strange but ...

by AdamMY » Aug 18th 13 3:32 am

I think it is coming for all your Cats! :shock:

Aug 18th 13 5:45 am
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Re: Strange but ...

by jextxadore » Aug 18th 13 5:45 am

Perhaps tea leaves are chewed in another galaxy and he's all out of supplies.