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May 8th, '17, 02:47
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New to this forum

by Muel » May 8th, '17, 02:47

Just wanna say hi to all of you.

Finally find a forum to talk about tea in English haha..

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May 8th, '17, 04:07
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Re: New to this forum

by chrl42 » May 8th, '17, 04:07

Welcome, my friend!

Show us some love for tea :D

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May 8th, '17, 06:04
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Re: New to this forum

by William » May 8th, '17, 06:04

Welcome! :D

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May 9th, '17, 12:15
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Re: New to this forum

by Steve@Adagio » May 9th, '17, 12:15

Welcome to the forum, Muel!

Don't forget to Introduce Yourself, and let us know What's in Your Cup?

I'm gonna bump this post on over to the "Potpourri" section for you :D

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