Feel the Burn

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Apr 10th 07 5:16 am
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Feel the Burn

by tomasini » Apr 10th 07 5:16 am

Ok, so I can't think it possible that many of you drinkers of the sinensis can honestly admit that you have never done what I am about to profess happened to me a few minutes ago and I'm hoping to hear some interesting stories and see just hope common and frequent this little "mishap" occurs.

And now with the event...

About 10 minutes ago, while Idlely sitting at my desk finishing a new blog on the old myspace (i know, it's a secret pleasure for me) I craved, as i so often do, a warm cup of delicious Dragon Well. So I got my lazy arse up and I did my thing, boiled the water, steeped the leaves and all that jazz and then returned to my room with my cup of steaming liquid jade in hand.
However, about five minutes later, while reading a humerous response to my blog I was left a smirk that evolved into a chuckle, which in turn took a change into a hearty laugh...this laugh seemed to be my achilies tendon.
Within a matter of moments I had lost control, and steaming Dragon Well burnt everythring from my navel down to my knees.
I did a little dance as i lost my pants and shirt to get the clinging, burning articles of clothing off my skin and as I rushed for the aloe vera (a saint of an herb if there ever was one).
and now I ask you, after telling my tale, how often, and in what horribly interesting ways have you all (my tea drinking brethren) burnt thy selves?

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Apr 10th 07 5:47 am
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by scruffmcgruff » Apr 10th 07 5:47 am

Most of the time when I burn myself it's a result of me trying to measure the temperature of my water. I have a tall electric kettle with a small opening, and a short digital thermometer, which isn't a good combination.

I'll try to hold the thermometer in the water while steam is slowly burning my hand and I'll think "come on, insta-read!" and usually I'll get a little burnt and/or drop my thermometer into the water, but nothing too serious. Luckily I haven't had any serious spills with boiling water yet, and when I do spill it's usually a small enough amount that it cools off on contact with my clothing. I have, however, burnt my tongue on several occasions, and that is most definitely not fun.

I hope you heal quickly!

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Apr 11th 07 8:35 pm
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by xine » Apr 11th 07 8:35 pm

I burn my mouth a LOT. When I used to drink tea using teabags, i'd throw one in there, and since I usually had to get going out of the house to class or work, I'd use really hot water, so I could steep the hell out of it, take it out, and then leave, instead of steeping it properly and trying to pick out the bag (then I would burn my fingers) while i'm walking or driving. I was drinking really bitter, HOT tea most of the time. Thank goodness, I know a little better.

I am trying to drink not too many of those fun flavored concoctions places like Starbucks make, bc of all the sugar and junk (oh, so good though!), but I absolutely hate getting tea anywhere that doesn't know what they're doing, because it's usually like 10 bags in a giant cup, with super hot water. And it's so bitter by the time you go to the side bar to fix it, because you have to put all this creamer so its at a reasonable temperature. Then it tastes too rich, and you can barely taste the tea.

tomasini- a note about your story- myspace only leads to bad things! haha. jk

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Apr 12th 07 7:47 pm
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by TeaFanatic » Apr 12th 07 7:47 pm

Sometimes I get burnt when the lever on my ingenuitea gets stuck. So I pour the water in, but it quickly rushes out the bottom. The only way to fix it is to pick up the ingenuitea which is gushing water at this point. Usually this burns my hand, but luckily it only happens every once in awhile when I'm been careless. Oh well.