Sesshu Toyo prints

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Jun 23rd 08 12:13 am
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Sesshu Toyo prints

by Proinsias » Jun 23rd 08 12:13 am

I've been in awe of the work of Sesshu Toyo for some time and would love to get a nice print of one of his works.

His winter landscape is the one that strikes a chord with me most:


I've not been able to find prints of his landscape paintings anywhere and was wondering if anyone new of a decent source.

On the other hand, if I can't get the print I want is there any copyright issues preventing me from nicking a pic off the net and taking it to my local printers for a reproduction as he's been dead for some time?

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Jun 24th 08 12:28 pm
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by CynTEAa » Jun 24th 08 12:28 pm

Those bold lines create intensity. Your attraction to it is understandable and hopefully not contagious! :shock:

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Jun 24th 08 1:32 pm
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by Victoria » Jun 24th 08 1:32 pm

Very nice indeed! Looking around on the internet I only see one other, so it seems as though it will be a challenge. Good luck!