Gourmet Coffee

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Nov 28th 05 5:44 am
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Gourmet Coffee

by robert_anderson » Nov 28th 05 5:44 am

Ok, I've gotten my gourmet tea fix from adagio...

Now, what do you all recommend for getting my gourmet coffee fix?

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Nov 28th 05 5:03 pm
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by snotbottom » Nov 28th 05 5:03 pm

I would agree. Even a local roaster of mediocre quality will beat the flavor of someone who bags and tags their stuff. Of course, a coffee company that does business like adagio would be the exception. If they did their roasting in small batches so it wouldn't grow stale then they would have a great product.

A couple worth considering:
http://www.mellelo.com/ -- highly recommended. I used to buy from this guy when he had his cart in Medford, OR and then he built his shop just a block away from where I used to work (I can still smell the roasters).

Most importantly... buy whole beans. NEVER buy the pre-ground stuff, it's like buying bagged tea :cry: :x

As for grinders... if you can find one, get a burr/mill grinder as opposed to the cheap, little chopper thingies that flail madly at the beans. With a mill, you get more a consistent size grind and thus a better cup.


Apr 11th 06 4:19 pm
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by Jazz » Apr 11th 06 4:19 pm


Awesome coffee! Zoka's is the place where I buy my beans and they are roasted on the same day you order. I always look fwd to receiving my coffee beans (in a personalized bag too, with the date they were roasted).

Anyone intersted in great coffee, check them out!

Apr 12th 06 4:32 am
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by kodama » Apr 12th 06 4:32 am

Zoka is great. If you can find something you like, look for a local cafe/roaster or small independant roaster. I reccomend Blue Bottle if you are in the SF area.