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Dec 15th, '09, 17:00
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Re: What would attract you most to a new tea shop?

by Janine » Dec 15th, '09, 17:00

Recently I opened a bag of tea from a tea shop I frequent a lot. This is a Huang Zhi tea which means the leaves are shaped like shui xian shape: long and twisty. I bought the last of a particular batch they had without thinking much about it, except that I wanted the tea at home!

Well, brewing some yesterday I realized I got all the crushed leaves along with the good stuff. I probably should have thought of this and checked as they filled my order. However, I'm writing this as I think it's imperative you train your customer service about high end teas -- especially from China -- and the high value placed on the shape and the full leaves! They should not dig in to large stored bags of tea to parse out ounces to individuals with sharp instruments that will crush or break tea leaves. Nor use any implements that have just been in a flavored tea or herbal tea, etc. It's important at the high end to understand and respect the qualities that give it value and its high price tag: intactness of leaves, delicate scent also intact without interference or contamination etc. (a pet peeve!!!)

I agree with ABx that you probably want to consider those targets outside the enthusiasts you find here (but you will know that far better than I). But still, at the high end for the premium prices, it's an important part of customer service to have the training to respect the qualities we pay for.

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