Tea Packaging Guidelines

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Feb 18th, '10, 17:33
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Tea Packaging Guidelines

by Charles » Feb 18th, '10, 17:33

After reading through the FDA's guidelines on food packaging (591 pages, though thankfully I took one of those infomercial speed reading courses) I've summarized the relevant components into a few pages at (http://www.tearetailer.com/article_39.html).

I'm glad to field any follow-up questions, but am more curious to hear who's packaging (tea companies) you prefer? The legalese has me exhausted. ;)

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Feb 19th, '10, 12:48
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Re: Tea Packaging Guidelines

by gingkoseto » Feb 19th, '10, 12:48

I am very much attracted by the metal cans of Republic of Tea. The cans are not super fancy or unique, but for some reason I just love the combination of shape, design and color. I've never had their tea. But if the tea were a bit less expensive, I am very likely to buy one just for the can :D

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Feb 21st, '10, 18:27
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Re: Tea Packaging Guidelines

by jazz88 » Feb 21st, '10, 18:27

Tao of Tea and Mariage Frères are the ones I have liked the most.
Tao of Tea –liked the tin (particularly the lid). Labels – quite nice except for the logo font (not digging it)
Mariage Frères – the black color and the shape of the tin – really cool.

T-Salon in NYC had recyclable packaging which is a nice idea. However, inside the paper tin there was a plastic bag which does not look good and sort of defeats the purpose.

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Feb 21st, '10, 23:11
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Re: Tea Packaging Guidelines

by Geekgirl » Feb 21st, '10, 23:11

Tao of Tea, and Ippodo Tea. I love the simple double-lidded tins from ToT, and LOVE the fact that I can remove the label when finished, since it is attached in a non-destructive way, and have an extremely functional and attractive reusable tin.

Ippodo, their tins are nice and reusuable. The glue is water soluble, so the labels are easily removed when finished. I absolutely adore that the premium teas come wrapped in an origami-esque paper wrapping. The highest quality comes in a small presentation box containing the tin. In the interest of reducing packaging, I'm not such a fan of that, but it is attractive.

I'm always in favor of functional simplicity. I prefer tins over plastic, due to breakage and re-use issues, and really like being able to completely remove branding/labeling when the tea is used up, so I can use it for my own purposes, or for gift-giving.

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Feb 22nd, '10, 00:28
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Re: Tea Packaging Guidelines

by Chip » Feb 22nd, '10, 00:28

I am partial to Japanese vendors' heat sealed foil packaging, simplistic yet beautiful and supremely functional. The flat shape takes minimal room in the TeaFridge. :mrgreen:

However, this is not generally best for storage after opening the pouch. Some Japanese vendors are now including a ziplock which would allow use even after opening, but I always transfer to more appropriate reusable canisters with double lids.

Mar 1st, '10, 03:09
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Re: Tea Packaging Guidelines

by dangert » Mar 1st, '10, 03:09

My only order from Dragon Tea House was packed in heavy-duty plastic and foil ziplock packaging, heat sealed. Each package had also an oxygen absorber to prolong the shelf life. Very nice!

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