Getting into the tea business

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Feb 28th, '10, 16:35
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Getting into the tea business

by Charles » Feb 28th, '10, 16:35

I've written an article on how I got started in the tea business and how others can get also get paid for doing what they love. (

I know a lot of people in the tea business are reading TeaRetailer, including some of Adagio's largest competitors. Anyone care to offer the story of how they got started in the tea business? :)

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Mar 2nd, '10, 12:31
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Re: Getting into the tea business

by xine » Mar 2nd, '10, 12:31

Great article, Charles! Very interesting to learn about how you got into the crazy tea world. Will be a great source to link to customers and people looking to get into the tea business.

My entrance was a lucky ad. :)

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Mar 3rd, '10, 21:36
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Re: Getting into the tea business

by gingkoseto » Mar 3rd, '10, 21:36

When I was little, I thought when grown up, I wanted to be an ice-cream seller and hence the happiest person in the world :wink: Now I've grown up, and think selling tea is a more lofty job :D

Jan 30th, '16, 17:29
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Re: Getting into the tea business

by Rickyski » Jan 30th, '16, 17:29

October, 16th 2000. That's the day that changed my life both good and bad. That is the day I had my first heart attack and last cigarette. After a restless night of sleep and dull, chest and arm pain, my girlfriend insisted I go to the emergency room. Good thing I did, because they said I would not have made it through the day. Not only did I have a heart attack, but they also found I had an abdominal aortic aneurysm, which are fatal if they burst. I went through the Dr. Dean Ornish Program For Reversing Heart Disease. I was eating vegan for around two years and my health seemed to be improving, but on May, 2nd 2003 I went in for quadruple heart bypass surgery. I was devastated to say the least. A life style change was in order. As I said earlier I was eating vegan for around two years, but it was a hard stressful diet to follow for an individual that ate meat for years, so I went back to the way I a was eating, but cut out the cheese, anything fried and no high fructose corn syrup or boxed processed foods. My meats I started eating in proper portions. Every three months I take a lipid and metabolic blood draw panel to keep track of my cholesterol, triglyceride, and other body chemistry. My numbers went up and down from test to test. Enter tea. I was researching natural ways to maintain my health and keep those numbers in check. I've always loved tea, so I decided to look further into teas health benefits. I started drinking tea on a daily basis. Hot in the winter months and iced in the warmer times. Tea is the only thing I have added to my daily routine and I am thrilled to report that since I have my lipid and metabolic panels are producing excellent numbers. I may also add that I used to get severe colds and flu almost every year and have not since my relationship with tea. I will admit that I did get a slight short lived cold this season due to the fact that my family was sick and being in the same home with both of them, plus three coworkers that were also sick was hard to avoid, but what would have normally lasted a week or so was gone in a few days. I credit tea for that. I also have been reading books on tea to further my knowledge of this wonderful herb. We have a pretty impressive herb garden and I have been growing several that make wonderful hot or iced drinks, spearmint, peppermint, Labrador, and lemon balm. I am also reading a couple books to learn more about tea. I would love to get my sommelier certificate and somehow get into the tea industry, but since losing my job of over thirty five years we need to be more frugal on our spending. Tea I truly believe played a major role in my improved health. I hike, kayaked the Apostel Islands, did a high ropes course,I walk three to six miles a day and feel wonderful. Mommy Nature provides us with a marvelous pharmacy of her own and tea is definitely one or her best meds.

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