Can you eat green tea?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jun 19th, '17, 08:31
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Re: Can you eat green tea?

by fun1girly » Jun 19th, '17, 08:31

victoria3 wrote:Sometimes I will lightly fry up first flush sencha or Gyokuro leaves in a fry pan with no oil, add salt pepper and a few spices. This can be saved for latter use also. I sprinkle these crunchy leaves onto soups and salads.
Looks yummy!! Need to try it :-)

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Jun 20th, '17, 22:20
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Re: Can you eat green tea?

by ginagreen » Jun 20th, '17, 22:20

Nop, I prefer the light liquid than the strong aroma of eating tea. :D

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