What is in this tea ?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Aug 10th, '17, 13:40
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Re: What is in this tea ?

by mael » Aug 10th, '17, 13:40

day+1 after enjoying wild orchid bud from life in a teacup in the same mug and .......... result is positive :)
Same rainbow colour oil like layer at the surface of the water !
And by the same time I have read some of the links Bok provided and one hypothesis was that this layer was caused by interaction between mineral of the water and mineral of the tea, especialy if it was tap water.
Usually I only use bottled water but spending the month of august by my parents house I didn't bring all my tea stuff and drink tea "casualy" with tap water.
Will try other tea with my usual bottled water to see if same thing happens, and will test with other tea as well !
Guess I will have to finish the long jing at work !

And Bok is right water turns brownish when green tea leaves sits in water a long time.

Aug 19th, '17, 06:06
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Re: What is in this tea ?

by mael » Aug 19th, '17, 06:06

Enjoyed a 2016 yong xin huo qing (I love this tea), made the leaves sit a couple day in the mug with a few water, and result is negative, no oil-like layer at surface of water.
Having a long Jing atm, will see what happen.

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