2010 Official Shincha Ordering Topic

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jun 19th 10 4:37 pm
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Re: 2010 Official Shincha Ordering Topic

by iannon » Jun 19th 10 4:37 pm

edkrueger wrote:I found Yuuki unremarkable and over priced until I tried this years asamsuhi shincha. I did a blind cupping of all of the asamushi; here is how they rank:
Sayamakaori – 1st place
Kantamidori – a close 2nd place
Okuyutaka – a lagging 3rd place
Tenryu – a very distant 4th
Uji – a close 5th

I would only recommend the first two. That said, the others were only disappointing in comparison. I have placed an order for another 100g of Sayamakaori and 100g of Honyama and will cup them when they arrive –maybe against some of my Uji favorites. I may post tasting notes later.
I have really enjoyed the sayamkaori myself. I would definately reorder that one again and at a pretty decnt pricepoint too if I might add.