Karigane recommendations

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

May 27th 20 7:22 pm
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Re: Karigane recommendations

by Teaphillic » May 27th 20 7:22 pm

Ramsay wrote: Please recommend some good karigane teas-gyokuro or sencha.

I recently ordered the Gyokuro Super Premium from Hibiki-an, and I find it to be rather mediocre - not very citrus-y, and without the little bit of tartness one finds in a really good Gyokuro. It is also a bit astringent. Hibiki-an, as a company, in my opinion, leaves much, much to be desired. Along with the tea, I ordered a couple of tea-making paraphernalia. One of the items, a smoked Bambu Chashaku (matcha scoop) was damaged - scratched and gouged in the finished, smooth side. I reported this to Hibiki-an, and they tried to present this a being normal, and if maybe not normal, then something acceptable, even desirable as defined by the Wabi-Sabi concept of imperfection - which is a joke for those members that have been to Japan, and have seen the quality of goods that are sold there. A damaged item would never be fobbed off on a respected customer. Basically they refused to replace the item unless I paid for the shipment back to Japan, which would have cost more than the item cost me. Replacing the item from another vendor cost me less than sending it back. Apparently, from checking around, this is not the first time this has happened with them. Their teas are acceptable, but IMHO, not worth the cost, and not of the best quality. I would rather purchase from a company that treats their customers more respectfully.