Earthquake 3/11/11

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Apr 14th, '11, 12:57
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by JBaymore » Apr 14th, '11, 12:57

The following info on the radiation levels in Tokyo was published in Japan yesterday. Interestingly...... the mainstream US press has NOT mentioned anything about this that I could find. One would have thought that it was "newsworthy" information. But it is potentially positive information...... so of course it was completely ignored. Of course, when a miniscule level of radiation was first discovered in the Tokyo area.... there we headlines all over the place screaming "doom and gloom".

Is this the "end" of it.... of course not. But it IS positive news for the moment.

Radiation in Tokyo returns to pre-disaster level

TOKYO, April 13, Kyodo

The maximum radiation level in Tokyo in the 16 hours through 9 a.m. Wednesday fell to the normal range seen before the occurrence of the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi plant on March 11, the science ministry said.

The level fell to 0.079 microsieverts per hour from the maximum level of 0.093 microsieverts detected Monday to Tuesday, returning to the pre-disaster range for Tokyo at 0.028-0.079 microsieverts, according to the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

Among other areas, the maximum radiation level in Mito, Ibaraki Prefecture, fell to 0.142 microsieverts from 0.159 microsieverts. The pre-disaster range there was 0.036-0.056 microsieverts.

The level in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, where the pre-disaster range was 0.0176-0.0513 microsieverts, dropped to 0.080 microsieverts from 0.084 microsieverts, it said.

But the maximum radiation level in the city of Fukushima, Fukushima Prefecture, home to the crippled nuclear power plant, leveled off at 2.100 microsieverts against the pre-disaster range of 0.037-0.046 microsieverts.

The maximum radiation level in Namie, Fukushima, located 30 kilometers northwest of the nuclear plant, stood at 26.4 microsieverts at 4:20 p.m. Tuesday.

A human being receives radiation of 50 microsieverts from one chest X-ray.




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Apr 14th, '11, 13:02
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by Chip » Apr 14th, '11, 13:02

Interesting report, John. I guess good news is no news in the Western media.

Still far from out of the woods, but we can all appreciate hearing some good news.

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Apr 14th, '11, 18:04
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by JBaymore » Apr 14th, '11, 18:04

This video is done by some Japanese guy to show that life in Tokyo is sort of NOT what the western press is indicating. It was from back in MARCH. It is in one of the more interesting "old city" parts of Tokyo called Asakusa. I've been there many times. It looks absolutely normal to me for a 10 AM ish timeframe. Remember that the Japanese ALWAYS frequently wore the surgical masks when out in public. So the couple of people you see wearing them is absolutely normal for pre-disaster Japan. ... kI-462Vce0



Apr 14th, '11, 19:41
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by Cyphre » Apr 14th, '11, 19:41

Here is a blog from someone living there. About the april 7ths earthquake and life since the big one. ... quake.html

another earlier blog from when he came back to japan ... sions.html

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Apr 14th, '11, 21:44
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by Kevangogh » Apr 14th, '11, 21:44

There is this girl I know from college who is on my Facebook, lives in Tokyo, now married to a Japanese guy. Of course all her friends back home who don't know the difference between Tokyo and Tohoku are posting about how scary it must be for her, lol. The worst part is, she's kind of playing it up about how scary things are there :roll:. I'm kind of surprised she does that, knowing that one of her classmates who was up in Fukushima is reading it. Wonder how she'd feel about it if she didn't have a shower for a few weeks?

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Apr 14th, '11, 22:31
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by JBaymore » Apr 14th, '11, 22:31

Another interesting recent development from TEPCO:

"Press Release (Apr 08,2011)

Avoiding implementation of rolling blackouts and measures to maintain power supply-demand balance toward summer period

Due to the tight power supply-demand balance, TEPCO has been implementing rolling blackouts since March 14 (Mon). We sincerely regret causing anxiety and inconvenience to our customers and the society. We appreciate your cooperation in conserving electricity consumption.
Since number of our nuclear power stations and thermal power stations were damaged by Tohoku-Chihou-Taiheiyo-Oki Earthquake and were shut down, we are currently focusing on restoration and maintenance of supply capacity.

As a result of widespread cooperation from our customers in conserving
electricity, the supply-demand balance has improved significantly.
Considering the situation, we have decided to cease the implementation of rolling blackouts for the time being.

1. Forecast of power supply-demand balance
Currently, peak demand of each day has been continuing to be approximately 20% lower compared to that of previous year. We consider this as an effect of not only stagnant of corporate activity due to the earthquake but also effort to conserve electricity driven by the customers.
We are assuming that weekly peak demand of April and May will decrease for the meanwhile as a result of rising temperature and Golden Week holidays, in addition to customer's cooperation on conserving electricity.
Subsequently, the demand will increase toward the end of May but at a
relatively low level around 38,000 MW.

By restoring power plants, we would be able to maintain supply capacity at around 39,000 MW to 42,000 MW. Accordingly, our supply capacity shall
have some allowance.

2. Cease implementing rolling blackouts

Taking into account these assumptions, we consider that power
supply-demand balance will be maintained. Hence, in principle, we have
decided to cease the implementation of rolling blackouts.

Since the electricity demand may increase rapidly due to unexpected
weather changes or trouble in our facilities such as restored power plants,
we kindly request our customers to continue conserving electricity. In
case the power supply-demand balance gets tightened, we may implement rolling blackouts after giving prior notice, therefore your cooperation would be very much appreciated.

3. Measures regarding power supply-demand balance toward this summer

On the other hand, supply capacity (46,500 MW) is deemed to be
significantly short considering the peak demand (assumed to be 55,000
MW*). (supply capacity and peak demand are forecasts at the end of July) [previously announced on March 25th]

*Peak demand of last summer (July 23rd) was 59,900 MW due to remarkably high temperature.

Hence, in order to continue to cease the implementation of rolling
blackouts in the summer period, we will be taking measures as follows.

(1) Measures on supply side

We will make our best efforts as follows to further enhance supply

-Further restoration and start-up of thermal power plants including
jointly owned power plants.

-Installation of emergency power sources such as gas turbines.

-Utilization of in-house power generators.

-Utilization of pumped-storage hydroelectric power generators

(2) Measures on demand side

At present, despite the measures to be taken on supply side, power
supply-demand balance is unlikely to be maintained. Therefore, we
appreciate your cooperation in conserving electricity during the summer

Taking into account the "framework for measures on electricity supply and demand during summer period" presented from governmental headquarters for emergency measures on electricity supply and demand, we will proactively provide consultancy services, information, equipment inspection, recommendation on entering into contract for control of demand and supply to household, commercial and industrial customers in order to enable enhancement of electricity conservation.

We sincerely regret causing anxiety and inconvenience to our customers,
and appreciate your continuous cooperation in conserving electricity
consumption. "

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Apr 15th, '11, 12:21
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by JBaymore » Apr 15th, '11, 12:21

The US Government has downgraded its status for travel warnings for its citizens: ... _5437.html



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Dec 2nd, '11, 06:16
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by David R. » Dec 2nd, '11, 06:16

Found this site with incredible photographs.

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Mar 10th, '17, 14:12
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Re: Earthquake 3/11/11

by rdl » Mar 10th, '17, 14:12

3-11-11 Memory becomes present tense.
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