2011 Official Shincha Review Topic!

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jul 6th, '11, 17:32
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Re: 2011 Official Shincha Review Topic!

by Drax » Jul 6th, '11, 17:32

I finished off my Yutaka Midori shincha from o-Cha today. It was a great final session with this wonderful tea.

And I will be looking forward to breaking into the Sae Midori tomorrow...! I can already tell a difference in the aroma of the dry leaves. Anybody who has had both already care to give me a preview of the differences in taste...? :D

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Jul 7th, '11, 10:55
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Re: 2011 Official Shincha Review Topic!

by Stentor » Jul 7th, '11, 10:55

Expect A LOT of umami with the Sae Midori. Brew colder and longer than the YM. Make sure not to pour all of the tea in one go but do the "pour-stop-pour" as if pouring into several cups. These things really helped get the most out of this Sae Midori. It's really nice!
It's been really full bodied and savory ever since I improved my brewing (and pouring!). You can look forward to it!

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Jul 8th, '11, 10:06
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Re: 2011 Official Shincha Review Topic!

by sherubtse » Jul 8th, '11, 10:06

Some very helpful posts on brewing YM & SM in this thread. I'll keep these tips in mind when I (soon) open my first packages of both.

Thanks to all!

Best wishes,

Jan 16th, '12, 23:21
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Re: 2011 Official Shincha Review Topic!

by frankscott39 » Jan 16th, '12, 23:21

what is umani, I did hear about it many times but still confused what is it exactly !

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