May 19th, '11, 01:41
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How much tea is too much? (consumption per day)

by dajaga » May 19th, '11, 01:41

Hi, here is a little back story of why I am asking if I am drinking too much tea. Before I started drinking green tea (maybe 3 months ago) I would be drinking probably 1-2 cans of cola a day sometimes more. Now after since I have started drinking green tea I think I had maybe 1 can of cola and threw 3/4 of it out because I thought it was way too sweet.
Anyways I figure I drink 10-12 (250ml) cups of tea a day, my water intake hasnt really changed which is maybe 2 cups.
Anyways I was wondering what is too much tea. I know too much of a good thing is bad but how much is the question.

Anyways I am pleased to say that I am slowly dropping my intake of crap food, and have been eating a lot more natural foods. I think if it wasn't for the tea I think I would still be eating crap food//drinks

Anyways thanks for reading.

May 19th, '11, 08:42
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Re: How much tea is too much? (consumtion per day)

by bigmonstertruck » May 19th, '11, 08:42

I suspect that if you are not noticing any problems with your body, that you should not have to worry. I gave up smoking, coffee, junk food, etc. etc. If anybody tells me that there is some downside to green tea, I think I would have to shoot somebody. If you are doing multiple steeps per dose of tea in your pot, I can't imagine anyone saying you are drinking excessive tea.

I guess one can overdo just about anything - be green tea certainly should be benign, unless you are drinking to the point you are getting caffeine jitters or something (which seems to be it would be almost impossible). Not to mention, if you are drinking that much green tea, it would probably hurt your budget more than crack would.


May 23rd, '11, 20:07
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Re: How much tea is too much? (consumtion per day)

by lunestis » May 23rd, '11, 20:07

I just had two cups of matcha about 30 mins ago and I feel a bit weird from it... not sure if it's just me though lol

It's the first time I make matcha at home....

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May 23rd, '11, 20:13
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Re: How much tea is too much? (consumtion per day)

by entropyembrace » May 23rd, '11, 20:13

It´s when you start getting symptoms of caffiene overdose that you´ve had too much tea. How much that is varies a lot based on individual genetics.

A lot of matcha can definitely make you feel "funny" it´s a pretty concentrated dose of caffiene :mrgreen:

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Jul 14th, '11, 21:38
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Re: How much tea is too much? (consumption per day)

by twinofmunin » Jul 14th, '11, 21:38

I don't know how much is too much, but do keep an eye on your kidney(s) -- if anything starts to feel weird in your abdomen or whatnot, cut back! Probably a doctor could give you better info, or some research papers... maybe someone on TC will come along with some links. This seems a common concern.

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