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Sep 6th, '11, 01:35
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Re: Matcha recommendations (tried two so far.....)

by Oni » Sep 6th, '11, 01:35

Nishiki wrote:
lkj23 wrote:It´s strange, but this bag is the same that yame matcha sansui from zencha, a very good matcha, suitable for koicha. For me the best matcha I have tried, but it´s strange the price you got it, I don´t know if it´s the same, but the bag is the same.
Hello everyone. My name is Nishiki from I've been a fan of this wonderful forum for a couple of years but it is the first time to comment.
I just want to explain why the package could be the same.
The package we use for this matcha is a ready-made thing, not an original package, so it is possible that other tea companies use same package. We decided to use this ready-made package in order to reduce the price as the competition in the tea market has been increased.

Thank you.
I agree with you, I have a first hand experience, Horaido and Hibiki-an have the absolute same green and red matcha can, but that doesn`t mean that they sell the same tea, they buy the cans from the same supplier, and that is not a problem, the can does not indiviualises the tea, you have to trust the vendor and taste the tea.

Sep 7th, '11, 06:38
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Re: Matcha recommendations (tried two so far.....)

by Mintaka » Sep 7th, '11, 06:38

I like Aoi and Aiya brands pretty well. I've had the premium/ceremonial grades.

Apr 15th, '17, 13:57
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Re: Matcha recommendations (tried two so far.....)

by jstark » Apr 15th, '17, 13:57

HI guys
Happy easter everyone!
Need your help
Can you please help me to find good wholesalers for Matcha tea from China/Japan
Appreciate any help or advice.

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