Is Arbor Teas good for Green Tea?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jun 13th, '11, 12:06
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Is Arbor Teas good for Green Tea?

by rickslide » Jun 13th, '11, 12:06

I'm considering buying some Organic Emerald Spring Lung Ching Green Tea
from Arbor Teas but I've never done business with them before. Are these guys ok?

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Jun 14th, '11, 18:12
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Re: Is Arbor Teas good for Green Tea?

by AlexZorach » Jun 14th, '11, 18:12

I've tried four teas from Arbor teas, which I received as a free sample. They were all good, but some were better than others. Only two were green teas: kukicha (which I thought was very good, definitely above average), and a Nepalese green tea, which was a bit of a novelty, it was okay, but in my opinion not as enjoyable as black teas from that region or greens from Japan or China.

The others were a top-notch first-flush Darjeeling from Makaibari estate that was among the best I've sampled, and a Jade Oolong that I did not like very much.

I actually just checked and there is a very favorable review of the Emerald Spring Lung Ching Green Tea, from a user and blogger (Sir William of the Leaf) whose opinion I generally trust, so that might point towards ordering this being a good idea.


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