Suggest me a sencha from Yame or Kagoshima

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Nov 9th, '11, 14:02
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Re: suggest me a sencha from yame or kagoshima

by sherubtse » Nov 9th, '11, 14:02

shinobicha wrote:I've sampled the kama-iri cha (pan-fired) Guricha from ToJ - it was awesome! I am tempted to get a full 100g. It is different from normal Sencha, but it still is close enough it just feels like a fun detour.
I will need some new blacks soon, so I may well opt for one of these gurichas from ToJ. Thanks for the feedback, shinobicha!

The problem for me, as always, is that there is "so many teas, so little time" (and money!). :lol:

Best wishes,

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