Best Place to Buy Gyokuro

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jan 15th, '12, 17:23
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Re: Best Place to Buy Gyokuro

by joelbct » Jan 15th, '12, 17:23

Ippodo was my favorite although I am no expert and have not sampled as much gyo as I have sencha. Upper Middle grade is probably the best bang for your buck, ie Premium Grade as opposed to Extra Super Ultra-Premium Superior Grade.

Back in school now working just part-time, so Gyokuro, Shincha, and the high-end Matcha will be a rarity.

Can't really justify spending student loans on the pricey stuff, although it's funny, even $25/oz loose leaf is still what, couple bucks a session, about the price of what most people pay for their Starbucks...

Jan 27th, '12, 20:44
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Re: Best Place to Buy Gyokuro

by zeto » Jan 27th, '12, 20:44

I've had gyo from O-cha and it's one of my favorite teas of all time to be honest. I find the flavor to be sweeter than sencha and less astringent. It's such a good purchase imo.

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Feb 2nd, '12, 13:01
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Re: Best Place to Buy Gyokuro

by Oni » Feb 2nd, '12, 13:01


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