Japanese Tea 101

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Jan 27th, '12, 07:35
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Japanese Tea 101

by sherubtse » Jan 27th, '12, 07:35

Here is a link to a Facebook page which gives basic information on various aspects of Japanese tea:

http://www.facebook.com/everyonestea?sk ... 2217450094

It would be intertesing to learn what others think of the info provided.

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Jan 27th, '12, 14:10
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Re: Japanese Tea 101

by teaisme » Jan 27th, '12, 14:10

I think that is a very good intro into japanese tea.

ahh that guy! he has a nice blog worth a read through, it's basically a documented tea learning experience blog, also good insight into some japanese culture/customs

Blog link is at bottom of facebook page along with his online shop which has some nice stuff check out those nice looking vases :idea:

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Feb 6th, '12, 13:24
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Re: Japanese Tea 101

by AlexZorach » Feb 6th, '12, 13:24

I didn't find the facebook site had much of interest but when clicking through to the blog, I found it much more interesting.

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