Water-cooler hot water

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jun 12th, '06, 00:13
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Water-cooler hot water

by kodama » Jun 12th, '06, 00:13

I am working somewhere with both a stove and a bottle-based water cooler with spring water.

I don't know how the cooler heats the water or how long it stays hot, but is there any reason not to just mix it 3:1 with cold and use it for my sencha (it seems about 80-90c)?

I can put it on the stove otherwise.

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Jun 12th, '06, 00:42
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by jogrebe » Jun 12th, '06, 00:42

I'd say conduct a few experiments to see how it turns out. Personally I use a mix of 50% boiling water from a SunBeam Hotshot and 50% room temp water from the jug that I use to fill the Hotshot and that works fine for me with green tea.

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Jun 12th, '06, 15:44
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by Chip » Jun 12th, '06, 15:44

...of course, a thermometer would give the best info...I use a simple mini probe thermometer by Taylor, works super quick and is a simple solution. But with sencha, although you could guesstimate the temp, a precise temp would give you better results, since sencha is finicky to begin with...at least in my experience.

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