Mar 13th, '12, 21:41
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Locating Huzhou green tea from Zhejiang Province in China?

by mbanu » Mar 13th, '12, 21:41

So does anyone know where I can find green tea online that is from the Huzhou area of Zhejiang in China? I keep coming across references to this tea in old tea books (where it is usually referred to as Hoochow green tea), and I was interested in trying some. Any advice?

*Edit: Ah, never mind. Sorry about that. It looks like the two famous styles of tea from Huzhou that are still made are "Anji Baicha" from around Anji and "Zisun" from around Changxing. Although neither is generally listed as Huzhou tea, both are more readily locatable using Anji and Zisun as search terms. :)