EGCG concentration vs. Infusion Number

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Apr 9th, '12, 19:48
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EGCG concentration vs. Infusion Number

by infinite333 » Apr 9th, '12, 19:48


I am curious about the amount of EGCG in the first steeping of green tea versus that in subsequent steepings. Has anyone seen any data on this? I did a quick internet search but didn't find what I was looking for. Thanks.

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Apr 17th, '12, 10:31
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Re: EGCG concentration vs. Infusion Number

by AlexZorach » Apr 17th, '12, 10:31

I'd imagine this would vary considerable with the type of tea.

Just one recommendation, I think, if you're concerned with achieving optimal health, it's best to not think too much about EGCG or any other one chemical in tea, and instead think about tea as a whole ingredient.

The trend I've seen in recent years from researching health and nutrition is that focusing on specific chemical components nearly always leads to poor health decisions, with respect to food/drink and diet. The reason for this is that chemicals interact with each other in complex ways, and any one chemical is both good and bad, but usually has the best effects on the body when consumed (1) in moderation and (2) in combination with the other chemicals with which it is naturally (and traditionally) consumed.

So, while I'm sure you could probably answer questions about ECGC concentration and infusion number...I'm not sure how useful this answer would be. In the end, I still recommend people to stop thinking about ECGC and other antioxidants and instead focus on the quality of their tea!

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Apr 17th, '12, 11:01
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Re: EGCG concentration vs. Infusion Number

by Leo_Blue » Apr 17th, '12, 11:01

I couldn't agree with Alex more. This is something I think we shouldn't worry too much about. Granted it would be interesting to know something like that, but that's because I have a very big interest in science in general. If you want to know simply for health concerns I would say don't worry too much about it and just drink tea. :D

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Apr 17th, '12, 11:09
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Re: EGCG concentration vs. Infusion Number

by Chip » Apr 17th, '12, 11:09

... correction, drink MORE tea! :wink: And why not also drink more infusions while we are at it! :idea: I mean, why not?

Cheers ... to your good health!

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