Taiwan green tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jul 15th, '12, 15:50
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Re: Taiwan green tea

by tea.and.peace » Jul 15th, '12, 15:50

Well I got that Taiwan green form Norbu. Greg also included some of the 2011 stuff he still has in stock. Nice of him to throw it in.

The 2012 was very pleasant to drink. Fresh, light, a little creamy, a little floral. I'm not real good at tea description. I was also pleased with how the wet leaves looked after they opened up. Certainly not perfect, but I was very pleased with how they looked. I got the sense of a pretty good quality product. I think it will be nice to have as a secondary green tea. A little more expensive then the everyday stronger green that I like. The Taiwan green will be nice to have less often for variety.

I was not impressed with the 2011. Think it is just kind of stale. Not as flavorful as the fresh stuff.

I'm not tea expert, but those were my overall rookie impressions....

Jul 18th, '12, 12:01
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Re: Taiwan green tea

by tea.and.peace » Jul 18th, '12, 12:01

The 2011 batch is starting to grow on me from Norbu. I'm still enjoying the 2012 batch very much of the Taiwan green. I like with both batches it is more of a calming tea. Rather then the more typical energizing nature. So I believe this tea will be welcome in my home. Will be nice to have a everyday energizing green along with a less often more relaxing green tea. I've also had a pleasant experience using Norbu for the first time. I'm sure I will be a returning customer.....

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Jul 18th, '12, 19:28
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Re: Taiwan green tea

by debunix » Jul 18th, '12, 19:28

Since I read the first post in this topic I've been trying to think if I've tried any other green teas from Taiwan besides the Jin Xuan from Norbu, and none come to mind. I've had several versions of the Jin Xuan, and enjoyed each of the spring 2010, 2011, and winter 2009. I'm working my way to the end of a 2011 spring package now, and will definitely keep this one on the repeat list for my next order.

Speaking of which, it's nearly time to order again from Norbu, because I'm nearly out of greener oolong. Only one unopened package of last year's marvelous white oolong left after the next two infusions' worth of the Tsou Ma Fei Alishan.

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