Jul 25th, '12, 14:20
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Re: What gives matcha creamy taste? Creamy cultivar?

by linping » Jul 25th, '12, 14:20

Thank you for every answer.
So what is the creamiest tea or matcha you have taste so far.
Personally i find Yama no Ibuki cultivar give very creamy taste , like there is a thick cream or oil in my taste. Compare to other matcha with diffrent cultivar on the same price or even higher Yama no Ibuki cultivar really give a creamy taste. However i find it lack in aroma

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Sep 16th, '12, 20:44
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Re: What gives matcha creamy taste? Creamy cultivar?

by riccaicedo » Sep 16th, '12, 20:44

By creamy do you mean thick? Then as posted earlier just use more matcha, make koicha.

If you're thinking about foam, then the main agents are probably protein and amino acids in matcha.

How do I know this?
Because I'm a fan of cooking and cocktail mixing. Egg whites are typically used for foamy texture because of the high protein content. Look up the recipe for a pisco sour to see what I mean.

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