Foojoy Before the Rain Tippy Green

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jul 29th, '12, 22:30
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Foojoy Before the Rain Tippy Green

by Theo Sinensis » Jul 29th, '12, 22:30

I apologise in advance if this is a ridiculous question, but I'm curious as to what kind of tea this is.

Of course if the answer is simply 'tippy green', then I guess I'm OK with that, but I'm trying to classify it as a particular type, as one would do with Bi Luo Chun, Long Jing, etc.

I've been trying to match it to photos, but I'm not expert enough to pull that off... yet. :)

Any help is appreciated.

Jul 31st, '12, 23:55
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Re: Foojoy Before the Rain Tippy Green

by brlarson » Jul 31st, '12, 23:55

Hmmm... Have you tried asking them?

Here is a URL to Foojoy's contact page:

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