Brewing Sencha with Cooling Teapot

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Apr 6th, '13, 20:54
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Brewing Sencha with Cooling Teapot

by infinite333 » Apr 6th, '13, 20:54


When I typically brew sencha in my tokoname kyusu, by the time I am ready to brew my second infusion, the kyusu has usually cooled down significantly since my first infusion. It isn't necessarily cold, but not hot like when I pre-heat it before the first infusion. I was wondering how I would take this into account when determining the proper water temp for additional infusions. For example, lets say the sencha I am brewing calls for 170F and the "cool" teapot will cause the water temperature to drop 10F when refilled. Should I then add 180F water to teapot for the second infusion, so that it reaches 170F for brewing?


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Apr 7th, '13, 14:55
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Re: Brewing Sencha with Cooling Teapot

by Chip » Apr 7th, '13, 14:55

You should be OK by just using water slightly hotter than if you were brewing in more rapid succession.

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Apr 8th, '13, 11:05
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Re: Brewing Sencha with Cooling Teapot

by Alex » Apr 8th, '13, 11:05

Do whatever gives you the best second brew. For me I just keep going with my 60-65c water. However I don't let the pot cool for long. If I did I'd probably up the temps by 5+C

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