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Jul 15th, '14, 21:35
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Re: How do you guys store your unopened sencha?

by BioHorn » Jul 15th, '14, 21:35

I triple bag it and put in the freezer. Also try to not leave it out long when measuring tea for session. So far, so good. My vitamin K still tastes the same.

My freezer has some 15 yo gyo. It is still drinkable... :shock:

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Jul 16th, '14, 13:06
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Re: How do you guys store your unopened sencha?

by Chip » Jul 16th, '14, 13:06

A home freezer that is frequently opened and closed seems a bit problematic to me. A deep freezer that is hardly ever opened and maintains a consistent low temp seems better ... but this does not help you.

I have wondered over the years whether even the very low moisture content in dry Japanese tea could be a problem with freezing ... but I never really investigated it. I did hear some time ago that in some areas in China, end consumers frequently store their greens in a freezer.

I have always felt that cold storing unopened pouches of Japanese greens to be a good idea.

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Jul 16th, '14, 13:50
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Re: How do you guys store your unopened sencha?

by debunix » Jul 16th, '14, 13:50

I recently opened a pouch of sencha (Tsuen Aoi sencha), repackaged 2 portions and vacuum-sealed them, and put them in my home freezer. After a couple of months, they were brought out, let come to room temp overnight, and have been making excellent tea.

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