Problems with Vanilla Green

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Apr 13th, '13, 14:27
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Problems with Vanilla Green

by corban123 » Apr 13th, '13, 14:27

I have recently acquired a nice bag of Vanilla Green tea in bagged form instead of loose leaf. Before adding water, it smells delightful, some of the best tea I have smelled in a while. But after I add water, that sweet sort of scent completely disappears, and I'm left with this sort of tart scent, and the tea tastes tart and has a sort of yellowish color. Am I doing something wrong while trying to make this? Thanks!

Edit: Also, at the bottom of my teacup there is some sort of black powdery stuff. I do not add anything to my tea at all. So not entirely sure what that is :/

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Apr 14th, '13, 17:43
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Re: Problems with Vanilla Green

by Hannah » Apr 14th, '13, 17:43

Teabags (and most cheap loose leaf tea) will leave this black dust at the bottom, it's usually tea dust leftover from processing or the leaves disintegrating a little during brewing due to damage to the leaf previously. Nothing to worry about!

As for the aroma loss, dry aroma will always be different to brewed aroma however if its losing any nice smell completely, I'm going to bet your water is too hot and/or you're brewing too long.

If it's green, your water should not be boiling, but about 70c max (for me, some people go 80). Otherwise you're left with bitter tea! :(

Experiment and see how you go :)

Apr 18th, '13, 00:50
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Re: Problems with Vanilla Green

by corban123 » Apr 18th, '13, 00:50

Tried multiple temps, and still the same scent :/ I guess this tea just wasn't meant for me, onto the next one!

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Apr 18th, '13, 10:46
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Re: Problems with Vanilla Green

by MEversbergII » Apr 18th, '13, 10:46

This might not be true with all teas, and perhaps not yours, but I've been told that the Jasmine style green tea bags (and cheap loose) just have an artificial scent sprayed on and, due to the way these decay, they don't often survive high temps and water exposure - they evaporate, essentially.


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