Green tea and milk

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Aug 23rd, '06, 15:09
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Re: What?

by teaspoon » Aug 23rd, '06, 15:09

hop_goblin wrote:Green tea and milk! :shock:
Actually, I had a customer today who said that she always puts milk in her green tea, so I have just tried it with the sencha we have in my shop, and it's surprisingly good! Don't knock it till you've tried it!

~pleasantly surprised teaspoon

Aug 6th, '14, 13:24
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Re: Green tea and milk

by Sarai » Aug 6th, '14, 13:24

jlantrim1 wrote:Why does milk curdle in some green teas?
The root and source of the problem was most likely the temperature of the milk, whether too cold or too hot. First of all, it's really not smart to add cold milk to any hot tea unless you're actually going for an 'iced milk tea' or an 'iced tea latte' sort of drink. Second of all, you really have to nail down the art of making a tea latte. The hot milk being added to the hot tea has to be the right temperature, but nowhere near boiling. In fact, boiling milk will ruin the texture of hot tea just as much as cold milk. The ideal temperature for hot milk being added to hot tea is anywhere between the range of 140-160F(60-70C), regardless of what temperature your tea happened to be brewed at.

My simple recipe for a tea latte is 8 ounces of hot freshly brewed tea with 2 ounces of hot milk(simply heat it in the microwave in a large mug for about 45 seconds and then check it with a thermometer, a frother is not that necessary), and always add the milk to the cup first.

And yes, you can add milk to green tea. And yes, it does taste great. Of course it's not unheard of considering the popularity of bubble tea and green tea lattes. But let it be known that you CAN make green tea with milk using any kind of green tea(or rather, any kind of tea, really, for that matter). In fact, one of my favorite green tea lattes to make for myself at home is using my well-loved Moroccan Mint Green Tea. Yum!

Aug 6th, '14, 13:31
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Re: Green tea and milk

by daidokorocha » Aug 6th, '14, 13:31

All I know is that mixing matcha with ice cream or milk is delicious.

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Sep 9th, '14, 04:17
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Re: Green tea and milk

by Andy S. » Sep 9th, '14, 04:17

Best to use Matcha for best and tasteful result. Like most people suggests don't over heat the milk and if you are scared it won't mix well I suggest using a cappuccino mixer, works great for me.

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Sep 14th, '14, 08:25
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Re: Green tea and milk

by Alex » Sep 14th, '14, 08:25

Akira did a little article on different teas with milk recently

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Sep 14th, '14, 13:12
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Re: Green tea and milk

by mcrdotcom » Sep 14th, '14, 13:12

Sarai wrote:
jlantrim1 wrote:Why does milk curdle in some green teas?
The root and source of the problem was most likely the temperature of the milk, whether too cold or too hot.
I've been mixing milk with black tea since I was a 3 years old, boiling water mixed with fridge cold milk, and NEVER have I had the milk curdle. Personally I highly doubt this is the issue due to my 17 year experience with drinking milky tea. :D

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Oct 5th, '14, 13:37
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Re: Green tea and milk

by tst » Oct 5th, '14, 13:37

I agree ... my understanding is that it is an acid-base issue. If a tea is overly acidic, a precipitate forms.

Aug 24th, '15, 01:15
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Re: Green tea and milk

by ClarG » Aug 24th, '15, 01:15

Lemon makes milk/cream in tea curdle.

I used to be friends with someone that would make Genmaicha green tea and he would put milk in it.

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