Where to buy matcha?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Feb 26th, '14, 05:29
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Where to buy matcha?

by Jadee » Feb 26th, '14, 05:29

Where are you buying quality matcha? I'm looking for koicha. International shipping (Europe), online shop.

Is there any special time of the year when is the best buy for matcha (you know, like fresh sincha)?

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Feb 27th, '14, 21:07
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Re: Where to buy matcha?

by entropyembrace » Feb 27th, '14, 21:07

Usually I buy matcha from http://www.maiko.ne.jp/english/index.htm

both of which are located in Japan and ship internationally :)

you can buy matcha any time of year, it's always fresh when you buy from a good source like the two I linked above :)

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