Iri Matcha, or "matcha dusting"

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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May 31st, '14, 15:34
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Iri Matcha, or "matcha dusting"

by MrEffendi » May 31st, '14, 15:34

Sometimes I take my tea "extra green" by putting the leaves in an empty container, adding a single scoop of matcha, and giving it a good shake to dust the leaves with a fine coat of matcha before I brew it all in my kyusu. I find that some teas take matcha better than others. What are some good combinations? I like adding it to light or medium steamed sencha. I don't use my good matcha for this, I like using regular brand Kaoru (their most basic blend). Does anyone else like adding matcha to their regular tea, or do you find the practice of adulterating your tea to be utterly barbaric; insulting to the tea purists? Sometimes it can make a $10 tea taste more like a $20 tea :p

May 31st, '14, 17:29
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by bonescwa » May 31st, '14, 17:29

Put it on yancha!

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Jun 5th, '14, 23:43
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Re: Iri Matcha, or "matcha dusting"

by chingwa » Jun 5th, '14, 23:43

pretty common to see it added to genmaicha, gives it an extra smooth full bodied kick. though personally I've never thought of adding it to any kind of medium to high end sencha... just seems... immoral :D

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Jun 15th, '14, 11:35
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by joelbct » Jun 15th, '14, 11:35

I just tried this combo recently, Ito En has an affordable 'Sencha w/ Matcha' combo, $9 for 3oz that is decent, Kago Sencha and Uji Matcha.

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