Moroccan-Style Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Oct 5th 14 5:43 pm
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Moroccan-Style Tea

by tst » Oct 5th 14 5:43 pm

Went out with friends awhile back and enjoyed authentic Moroccan food. During the multicourse meal, he served us Moroccan-style iced tea and following the meal, he served us the same tea, but hot with dessert.

According to the owner, the method of making this tea was similar to this ...

I'm wondering if anyone here has tried making this tea? I assume gunpowder style green teas from China are most typically used here. Since I don't typically drink this style of tea, I guess I'm looking for any pointers on higher-quality gunpowder greens ... and also for any pointers making this type of tea (managed to pick up the orange blossom water this week at a local Middle Eastern market).


Oct 5th 14 5:57 pm
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by theredbaron » Oct 5th 14 5:57 pm

20 something years ago a Senegalese friend taught me a somewhat similar style of tea how it was prepared in his home. Also gunpowder, and letting the tea simmer on low heat. For this style of tea you do not need very high quality tea, just average gunpowder is fine. Sugar and mint will overlay subtleties of high quality tea.
I remember that during the repeated pouring the tea back into the pot the pour was then done from quite a distance to the cup, so that a bit of bubble foam developed in the cup on the surface of the tea.

It was very strong tea, but very tasty.

Oct 5th 14 11:16 pm
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by thirst » Oct 5th 14 11:16 pm

If anyone cares, according to Mary Lou and Robert J. Heiss, one of the reasons gunpowder tea is used in Moroccan mint tea is that »it infuses slowly, in tandem with the mint«. Also, it apparently stores well in that climate.

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Oct 6th 14 6:27 am
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by tst » Oct 6th 14 6:27 am

Interesting thirst ... cool to know.

I only asked about "higher-quality" gunpowder as I've tried one in the past that basically sloughed off as soon as the water hit it ... turning the tea very murky and unpleasant. I know what you mean though baron ... it isn't a high-quality tea to begin with.

I just picked up a few ounces at a local Ten Ren ... hopefully no sloughing this time :lol:

Aug 24th 15 5:16 am
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by ClarG » Aug 24th 15 5:16 am

I've had Moroccan style tea before that I made at home and it tastes delicious.

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Aug 24th 15 6:18 pm
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by debunix » Aug 24th 15 6:18 pm

I've tried a few times to simply add mint and cardamom to recreate a few lovely experiences with Moroccan style teas in restauarants but never succeeded--perhaps because I wasn't following such detailed instructions!

Aug 25th 15 7:41 am
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by Bok » Aug 25th 15 7:41 am

There is an even tastier variety of the Morrocan tea, which is Berber-style tea. they use three different varieties of Mint (or something quite similar, I do not recall the exact names). The result has a somewhat energizing effect, but I doubt that those leaves are easily available outside the Meghreb…

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Mar 24th 18 3:44 pm
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Re: Moroccan-Style Tea

by Suutej_Tsaj » Mar 24th 18 3:44 pm

Sorry for the necro, but does anyone know where I could buy a proper Moroccan teapot online? Best if it's a Europe-based company, so I won't have to sell my blood to pay for the shipping costs.