Is radiation still concern in matcha?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Feb 27th, '15, 09:52
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by Chip » Feb 27th, '15, 09:52

Kevangogh wrote:
I snapped this pic about two weeks ago as I was driving by the meter, it reads 0.115 µSv / hr (that's micro Sieverts per hour) and is located about a block from our office. This is about average to most cities on the planet, lower than some, higher than others. I hear Rome and London are around 2.0...
OMG, everyone should evacuate Rome and London!

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Feb 27th, '15, 14:31
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by chingwa » Feb 27th, '15, 14:31

This is why I buy all my sencha from Japan and not Europe :mrgreen:

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Feb 28th, '15, 11:20
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by puerhking » Feb 28th, '15, 11:20

Let's not generalize too much. There is a distinct difference between background radiation coming from a city or even your home and fallout from a nuclear meltdown.

Having said that....I haven't stopped drinking Japanese teas.

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Feb 28th, '15, 23:01
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by JBaymore » Feb 28th, '15, 23:01

Kevangogh wrote:It's been a while, but for some reason the radiation kooks are creeping out over the last few days.
There were news stories a short while ago her in the USA about another brand new leak of radioactive water at Fukushima. Likely that is the genesis of that situation.



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Sep 24th, '15, 20:04
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by Catfur » Sep 24th, '15, 20:04

Since this seems to be the most recent Tea & Radiation Chicken Little thread: ... .html?_r=1

Fear of radiation is apparently ~3 orders of magnitude more dangerous than actual radiation...

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Sep 25th, '15, 04:07
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by Alex » Sep 25th, '15, 04:07

Yeah I posted a link to "infinite monkey cage" (get the podcasts they are amazing) in the old thread where they were discussing this. Check it out! 8)

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May 1st, '17, 23:24
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Re: Is radiation still concern in matcha?

by teaformeplease » May 1st, '17, 23:24

Matcha info wrote: Q's:
Im starting to drink matcha tea from japan but concerned if radiation is still a problem in their tea

Find alternative source not from Japan.
Other then that I Highly recommend it.
All the positive benefits, also confirmed.
Plus more benefits not commonly known.
Matcha isn't matcha if it isn't from Japan ;)

Only you can decide what you want to consume but I feel pretty safe at this point. Check out this article for more:

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