Who makes your favorite Genmaicha?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Apr 19th, '17, 04:08
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Who makes your favorite Genmaicha?

by Genmaichange » Apr 19th, '17, 04:08

Years ago I had my first cup of Genmaicha at a Japanese restaurant in San Francisco, it was love at first sip.
The name of the tea was a mystery to me until I picked up some Genmaicha to try at my local tea shop.
I know that no two teas are alike, so I have decided to try Genmaicha from all over the world!

Where is your favorite Genmaicha from? I am looking for new teas to try but unsure of where to start!

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Apr 19th, '17, 06:08
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Re: Who makes your favorite Genmaicha?

by William » Apr 19th, '17, 06:08

Defenitely Horaido and Hojotea.

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Apr 20th, '17, 11:48
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Re: Who makes your favorite Genmaicha?

by JRS22 » Apr 20th, '17, 11:48

Genmaicha is a Japanese tea so the source should be Japan. One of the key issues is the quality of the green tea used. Some variations are toasted rice vs popped toasted rice, and sprinkled with matcha. Right now I'm enjoying the premium genmaicha from Tea Trekker.

Den's Tea is another option as they have a wide selection different variations.

Jun 23rd, '17, 12:48
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Re: Who makes your favorite Genmaicha?

by zemlemer » Jun 23rd, '17, 12:48

 I usually buy genmaicha-iri from O-cha. I tried all 3 types genmaicha from yuuki-cha but didnt like them.

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