Green Tea for Oily Skin

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Oct 4th 17 8:14 pm
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Re: Green Tea for Oily Skin

by Yatra Tea Co » Oct 4th 17 8:14 pm

virginialuther12 wrote: Can green tea really help control the overactive generation of sebum on the skin? I have never drank green tea in my life and I simply need to ask the individuals who cherish drinking it on the off chance that it really helps in controlling the generation of oil on the face. In the event that it works, I would truly love to take a stab at drinking green tea. Slick skin should be overseen and I've heard that green tea is really successful in chopping down the slickness. Is there any reality to this?

Much obliged to you ahead of time for every one of your answers.
I have heard, albeit anecdotally, that green tea reduces the secretion of oil on the skin. To be honest, I have no idea if this is a scientific fact or just a random statement with no backing. Green tea is usually touted as having a lot of positive effects, so it is easy to keep adding to the list.

The only benefit I can personally attest to - and once again, this is just me - is that I have found a cup of green tea to really soothe my stomach. I almost always have a 6 oz cup after a heavy meal and it does wonders for me. Cannot tell if that is the norm, and I personally shy away from promoting the health benefits of green tea on my website because I have not invested the money to do the research. Though factually, fresh green tea is abundant in antioxidants which are known to be beneficial.

I'd be curious to hear other opinions on this matter.

Oct 4th 17 9:34 pm
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Re: Green Tea for Oily Skin

by Mittens » Oct 4th 17 9:34 pm

Doing some quick searches, there are some journal publications for using green tea compounds/extracts topically to lower the production of sebum. Their results suggest some benefit. I did not find anything about actually drinking the tea, or applying straight tea directly to the skin (my search wasn't exhaustive, though).

Here's one you may be interested in:

However, I would be curious whether they would have gotten comparable results using any mild astringent.

Generally speaking I would say just drink tea for the sake of drinking tea. I'd also suggest giving a good green tea a try.

Oct 7th 17 10:21 pm
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Re: Green Tea for Oily Skin

by Teaarch » Oct 7th 17 10:21 pm

To give some completely anecdotal evidence, I have very oily skin (mostly face) and have been drinking tea (a lot of tea) for a few years now. And it's just as oily now as when I started. I wouldn't count on it then. Then again, I never applied it directly to my skin so I can't say there.