Green Tea VS Red Tea?

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Sep 16th 18 12:35 pm
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Green Tea VS Red Tea?

by Louie Tuboro » Sep 16th 18 12:35 pm

Is it True that Red Tea is better than Green Tea? How?
I found a blog about it. Please Share your thoughts about it.
Check it here:


Sep 19th 18 6:44 am
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Re: Green Tea VS Red Tea?

by FBee » Sep 19th 18 6:44 am

I do not think there is such thing as generally better than... all depends on what you want or like.
Also what kind of green, what kind of red? This kind of general, vague statements are pretty useless...

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Sep 19th 18 6:15 pm
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Re: Green Tea VS Red Tea?

by Tea&Whisky » Sep 19th 18 6:15 pm

Simple word of advice: never trust any article that claims some correlation between tea and weight loss. I have never seen any study that was able to prove a direct link between drinking tea (true tea, herbal, or otherwise) and weight change (good or bad). Notice how that blog post doesn't cite any official studies that confirm the amazing benefits it claims "red tea" to have. This is nothing more than a scam companies use to sell their products; in this case, the "red tea" they mention.

Having said that, Rooibos tea, which is the only tea I know of that is commonly referred to as "red tea" in the English speaking world, is an herbal tea from South Africa. Being an herbal tea, it's naturally free of caffeine, and it tastes quite good; but don't expect anything more out of it than that.