Your Description of "Umami"

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Jan 2nd 19 12:15 am
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Your Description of "Umami"

by Denmano » Jan 2nd 19 12:15 am

:?: I tried many Japanese green teas and drink them daily. However, I can't seem to pinpoint what the "umami" flavor is. So, what is umami to you? I know it's the "5th taste" after sweet, sour, salt and bitter and some describe it as the taste of MSG. Although I'm sure I've tasted it, I can't isolate nor describe that particular flavor. Are there any teas that you've tried that will give a person the unquestionable flavor of umami? How do you describe it? Thanks, everyone! :?:

Jan 4th 19 12:27 pm
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Re: Your Description of "Umami"

by jqmatcha » Jan 4th 19 12:27 pm

[(Umami ) is an abstract adjective

According to Chinese expression, this word describes the taste of a dish, more appropriate

The taste of longjing green tea, as the Chinese describe it: Dragon Well GreenTea has an unique mellow sweet and aftertaste.