Green tea & Milk

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Nov 5th 19 12:26 pm
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Green tea & Milk

by Welariem » Nov 5th 19 12:26 pm

Hi All,

Just a quick question which has most probally been discussed before, but i cant seem to find any threads.

With Green Tea containing anti-oxidents to help your body immune system, would adding milk take away that goodness? I cant stomach green tea and water by its self, but a little milk would help..

so.. what do you guys do? DO you add milk?

Nov 8th 19 8:09 am
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Re: Green tea & Milk

by Sarah456 » Nov 8th 19 8:09 am

There is no milk in green tea, but I usually put it in black tea. With a little sugar, it becomes very delicious.

Mar 24th 20 12:19 pm
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Re: Green tea & Milk

by zeldaella » Mar 24th 20 12:19 pm

I think you should'nt put milk in tea. As you might think, it reduces the benefits of tea. You can add some herbs to tea such as cardamom, biffin,...

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Mar 24th 20 2:52 pm
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Re: Green tea & Milk

by Bridgette » Mar 24th 20 2:52 pm

The only green tea I see that is popularly mixed with milk is when ordering a Matcha Latte.

I certainly don't know enough of the science to know if milk cancels out the benefits, but from the little light research I just did- seems like jury is still out about that.
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