Adding sugar to green tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Apr 23rd, '07, 22:25
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Adding sugar to green tea

by Samovar » Apr 23rd, '07, 22:25

Does adding one sugar cube to green tea diminish the benefits?


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Apr 23rd, '07, 22:50
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by scruffmcgruff » Apr 23rd, '07, 22:50

If taste is included in your list of benefits, I would say yes. :)

In all seriousness though, I'm not sure. I think there have been studies showing the addition of milk to diminish the health benefits of tea, but I don't know about sugar.

I would guess, though, that a sugar cube just adds simple carbohydrates to your diet, and doesn't negate any benefits of the tea itself. One sugar cube really isn't that much sugar either, so I wouldn't worry about it.

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