some dragon well help....

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Sep 30th, '07, 13:26
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by tomasini » Sep 30th, '07, 13:26

somewhere between 170 and 180 for 3 minutes makes my heart sing

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Sep 30th, '07, 16:30
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by Wesli » Sep 30th, '07, 16:30

Try 1.5 minutes, and let me know how that goes.

Sep 30th, '07, 21:32
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Re: some dragon well help....

by madman91 » Sep 30th, '07, 21:32

amanojakumo wrote:I'm fast depleting my sample of dragon well, but I don't think I've gotten a really good brew out of it yet. There always seems to be a tiny bite of bitterness as an aftertaste. I've tried:

3g / 180f / 3min per 8oz water
3.5g / 170f / 2-3min per 8oz water
3.5g / 160f / 2min per 8oz water

More/less tea? More/less time? Higher/lower temp?
Slight thread hijack.. do you weigh your tea before brewing?

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