Zen from Tazo

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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Dec 9th, '07, 21:43
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Re: Zen from Tazo

by augie » Dec 9th, '07, 21:43

Scarlet Glow wrote:Let me fill you in on the preface of this story.

On my Friday night bowling league, I FINALLY bowled my first 200 (a 203 to be exact).
Don't get me wrong, though, Adagio's loose green tea is still awesome in my book... but this Zen stuff rocks my socks!! :D
200! You totally rock! I can't even bowl a 200 on Wii!

I hate Tazo becaue they mix so much crap with it. All their green tea has mint, lemongrass, flavorings. We were driving back to Indy from Chicago last weekend and I was dying for a green tea, so I went into S-bux in Merrilville. Took the barista 3 minutes of going thru the selection to find one w/out the xtra stuff blended in.

China Green Tips is all I can stand from Tazo. Sometimes their Chai at bedtime.

Cong on the 200. I am impressed.

Dec 10th, '07, 14:45
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by Scarlet Glow » Dec 10th, '07, 14:45

Thanks augie! Yeah, for the last few weeks I was so close with scores like 179, 189, 196, 197, but finally... FINALLY a 203! Ha ha, I bowled a nine pin no-tap tourney on Thanksgiving weekend and had a 257 on one of the games... but -sigh- it was no-tap so it didn't count. :roll: Also, I ended up with a 791 series with handicap. However, three other people beat me so I JUST missed placing and winning some money. Oh well... I guess I will try again at the Christmas tourney.

Zen is the first tea that has been flavored to my liking. I normally just like my green teas plain. For example my favorite is plain 'ol Sencha. I had been turned off from flavorings after a bad experience with some jasmine pearls. Just the smell of the green tea infused with jamine made me feel sick. I manged to take a few sips but found it to be horrible. I think it was just too floral for my taste. :oops:

However, I love lemon and spearmint so this combination wasn't too bad. Zen is not my absolute favorite green tea but it is my favroite flavored green tea... if that makes sense. :shock:

I was wanting to try the Chinese Green Tips from Tazo, as well. My boyfriend bought the variety pack at the same time I bought Zen so maybe I can dig through his box to see if I can locate some Chinese Green Tips. I'm sure he won't mind. :wink:

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Dec 11th, '07, 00:04
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by forkyfork » Dec 11th, '07, 00:04

Tazo is definitely a bagged tea brand that I still enjoy. A lot of their teas are excellent. I really dig their "Calm" herbal blend. It has saved me from agony many times.

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