Genmai Cha

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Jan 31st, '08, 11:04
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Genmai Cha

by ginseng » Jan 31st, '08, 11:04

How do you pronouce Genmai Cha?

Jen-My-Cha? Gen-My-Cha???


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Jan 31st, '08, 11:45
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by osadczuk » Jan 31st, '08, 11:45

My completely unknowledgable self has always said "Gen-May Cha."

But, see first part of that sentence.

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Jan 31st, '08, 12:00
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by xine » Jan 31st, '08, 12:00

Hard G, Gen-My-Cha. I believe there is a pronunciation post here somewhere...

alas, no Genmai Cha. But the pronunciation above I think is correct. I remember filming one of the video casts and having to call to make sure I was saying it correctly.

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Jan 31st, '08, 12:33
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by Space Samurai » Jan 31st, '08, 12:33

Xine is correct. The Japanese G is always hard, and A/I vowel combinations sound like I as in kite.

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Jan 31st, '08, 13:53
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by Chip » Jan 31st, '08, 13:53

So, G like GO...why was I saying it like Joe...but at least I got the MY part right.

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Jan 31st, '08, 15:10
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by skywarrior » Jan 31st, '08, 15:10

Gen - my- chuh

Hard G, ai like eye, a is short vowel. Emphasis on all syllables.

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Jan 31st, '08, 22:44
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by Space Samurai » Jan 31st, '08, 22:44

At the risk of starting a back and forth discussion on this, it is cha (chah) not chuh. It'll sound like words like samurai, sake, obasan, and what not.

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