Feb 15th, '08, 20:59
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how many 1st infusions from 1oz of gyokuro ?

by inspectoring » Feb 15th, '08, 20:59

Just curious...how many 1st infusions do you guys get out of 1 oz of gyokuro?

the only gyokuro I have tried is Teavana and some brand from Mitsua.

And now I am curious - the tea from teavana - 15 $ for 2 oz - was not that bad. But I am waiting for harney and o-cha in mail.

Teavana easily would give a good cup from a little less than a teaspoon....

Feb 15th, '08, 21:19
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by Pentox » Feb 15th, '08, 21:19

That would totally depend on how large of a pot/cup you are making and how strong you like it.

The suggested guidelines for gyokuro though really don't yield much. I have seen suggestions as high as 10g / 60 mL. So 1 oz won't yield much at all.

Feb 15th, '08, 21:21
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by inspectoring » Feb 15th, '08, 21:21

I meant 6 oz cup....

I have heard of the 10 gm/60 ml - but realistically speaking...I think that is too much. As I mentioned, I get a nice tasting cup from less than a teaspoon of Teavana tea..

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Feb 15th, '08, 21:35
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by Eastree » Feb 15th, '08, 21:35

Some people recommend three grams per cup, which would give right about ten first infusions. Some recommend five grams per 240ml, so that'd be six.

Feb 15th, '08, 21:41
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by Pentox » Feb 15th, '08, 21:41

The only true answer is up to you. Personally when just generally drinking tea i use way less than recommended, but when i'm reviewing i use suggested amounts. Play around with it, find what you like.

Feb 16th, '08, 23:00
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by Proinsias » Feb 16th, '08, 23:00

I've never weighed my tea and don't intend to but from looking at tea pron I reckon I use far more than is generally recommended.

My indoctrination into great tea was from someone who used a whole lotta leaf and very minimal infusion times - this has stuck with me to the point of using tiny yixing teapots and stuffing them as full as they, and my wallet, can cope and then using infusion times as short as possible. I was originally shown these methods with a small pyrex jug and a frightening amount of very expensive long jing - I suppose it comes down to how much tea you are likely to drink in the forthcoming session and if you see a great difference in the tea by using loads of leaf and very little water - I do. I tried to skimp when using my last bit of da hong pao from hou de and split it into two disappointing sessions as opposed to one which could have been memorable.

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Feb 17th, '08, 05:21
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by olivierco » Feb 17th, '08, 05:21

inspectoring wrote:I meant 6 oz cup....

I have heard of the 10 gm/60 ml - but realistically speaking...I think that is too much.

I have just tried 10 gr/ 70ml with a high grade (but not top grade) gyokuro (from Tamayura).

I used Ippodo recommandations (hohin preheated though)
First steep 60°C (140°F) about 80s
Second and third steeps 60°C with no waiting time.

(The method I have used so far: 4 gr / 100 ml at 60°C 150s, 75s, 100s)

The taste was basically the same, though the last brew was very slightly bitter (usually it was kind of weak. This gyokuro isn't top grade quality anyway), but the intensity was trully amazing. I have tried many teas but I had never experienced such intensity (with no bitterness in first and second steeps) in a tea before.

This method deserves further testing (perhaps temperature adjustments) on other gyokuros.
Anyway I think I will use both methods because sometimes I feel like having lighter tea. A perhaps because of the price: 10 gr gyokuro cost about 5-8$ though it is less expensive than my usual champagne (10$ a glass)

Feb 18th, '08, 03:26
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by inspectoring » Feb 18th, '08, 03:26

I would love to save some money and buy a pound of gyokuro...if anyone is willing to split it with me....

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