What kind of jasmine tea balls??

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Feb 21st, '08, 18:47
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What kind of jasmine tea balls??

by dimyself » Feb 21st, '08, 18:47

Ok, so here's the story....I got introduced to jasmine tea balls about 2 years ago at my last company. It was the best tea balls I've had! It had a rich, strong, nutty, spicy flavor and it came in a wooden or straw rectangular box/container, but I can't remember the name of it!!!! It also had all English writing on it (like it was packaged in the U.S. maybe?)

I've tried SEVERAL jasmine tea balls since (mostly obtained through ebay directly from China) and NONE of them have had a similar flavor. They are still good, but not nearly as good as this kind was. I have been scouring the net looking for pictures of this tea, but can't find it anywhere. Any thoughts on how I can find it??? or maybe something similar that someone has come across?


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Feb 22nd, '08, 10:04
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by eanglin » Feb 22nd, '08, 10:04

Numi tea packages in rattan and bamboo baskets- you might want to look at their website and see if it looks familiar.
I haven't tried their products myself, and have heard mixed reviews- some rave, others say ehhhh...


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Feb 22nd, '08, 10:16
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by hop_goblin » Feb 22nd, '08, 10:16

Adagio has some nice Jasmine balls! Giv'em a try

Feb 22nd, '08, 16:33
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by RNteajunkie » Feb 22nd, '08, 16:33

Are you referring to the Jasmine dragon pearls? If so, this is classified as a Oolong tea vs a green tea. Some sites list it as a green tea. This confused me also. It has something to do with the amount of oxidation the leaves receive. slightly longer than green and the leaves have a yellowish-green color to them. Hope this helps. Check out the Oolong teachat section.

Feb 22nd, '08, 18:18
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by Proinsias » Feb 22nd, '08, 18:18

The best jasmine tea I've had was Nu'er Huan or Girl's Ring. Sadly it wasn't from an online source but it is out there.

I'm not big on flavoured tea these days but this is one I remember fondly.

If you find a tightly rolled one and look at it face on it might look like a jasmine ball.


My friend procured some of these from Kam at Funalliance over a year ago and it was not unlike eating sweeties, which is quite an achievement for tea. Very enjoyable, very confusing but not an everyday tea. I think Kam is right on the money when he said they will make you go "not bad, not bad at all".

Feb 23rd, '08, 14:28
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by dimyself » Feb 23rd, '08, 14:28

GENIUS!! hehe It was Numi! For the life of me, I couldn't find it.

I don't understand though. THe description on their website of their jasmine tea balls looks just like every other jasmine tea balls description I have bought from. I don't see anything in the description about having a nutty or spicy type flavor? That is the only tea ball I see on their site that looks similar. I'm wondering if maybe I got an oolong tea ball instead? It definitely tasted way different than other jasmine tea balls I've had. Typically I say jasmine tea balls are good, but not awesome. These were awesome. I'm wondering if maybe they had something else in them other than just jasmine tea balls....

Any ideas?? At least I'm getting closer, I'm glad I found the brand at least :)

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