Shizuoka Tea

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

Mar 20th, '08, 02:39
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Shizuoka Tea

by kikkuman » Mar 20th, '08, 02:39

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has ordered from shizuokatea.

How do their teas compare to other vendors? Their prices are pretty competitive to den's and ocha which seem to be well regarded here. I'm mostly interested in their senchas. They also have a 'no questions asked' refund policy and you don't even need to return the tea... that's unheard of! Just want to know if these guys are legit and how good their quality is. Thanks!

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Mar 20th, '08, 03:41
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by Chip » Mar 20th, '08, 03:41

I hear from the owner of O-Cha that they are legit, but not of the same high level of quality. More a Japanese tea for the masses.

By the way, welcome to TeaChat...and check out TeaDay

Mar 20th, '08, 09:34
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It's good!

by Josha99 » Mar 20th, '08, 09:34

I have purchased from them, and I have been quite satisfied with my order. I bought 100g of Sencha, Kukicha, and Genmai Matcha and they were all excellent. One thing I particularly like about the site is that there is free shipping over orders of $26 or more; anything less than $26 charges a rate of $10 for shipping. So, instead of paying the shipping, I ordered $10 more of tea, and felt happier with my purchase.

In terms of quality, Shizuoka tea was up there. They have the best Kukicha that I have ever tasted, and their Sencha has a great flavor to it. They send all their teas in a recyclable tin bag, as well as some free samples of their others teas. I was very satisfied with Shizuoka tea, and I plan to definitely order from them again.

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Mar 20th, '08, 14:46
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by Wesli » Mar 20th, '08, 14:46

Wow. Too bad their site is U-G-L-Y.

Mar 20th, '08, 15:23
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by Pentox » Mar 20th, '08, 15:23

Wesli wrote:Wow. Too bad their site is U-G-L-Y.

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Mar 20th, '08, 15:40
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by Chip » Mar 20th, '08, 15:40 is GREEN...could be pink. It looks budget, like their product.

WOW, it is amazing, coincidental. Two newbies to the forum post about this site with their first post...and only post. One asks about the site, and one answers the question the next day. Link deleted.

Welcome to you both.

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Mar 20th, '08, 17:03
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by osadczuk » Mar 20th, '08, 17:03

Poor Chip, a mod's work is never done. (Actually, I'm amazed at how tolerant you are. I'm a heavy-handed dictatorial type and would probably go around deleting all company links in the first several posts of a new poster, but I'm evil that way! :twisted: )

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Mar 20th, '08, 20:58
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by Ed » Mar 20th, '08, 20:58

They seem like a decent company. But I emailed them a year ago and asked them if their tea was from the latest harvest and they were honest enough to admit that indeed it was not. I'd order from them if there weren't fresher options. They do have good prices and if the tea tastes good then why not?

Mar 25th, '08, 15:57
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by kikkuman » Mar 25th, '08, 15:57

Thanks for all the replies. I've decided to order from den's or ocha once they get their 2008 stock. Anyone know when that will be?

(Hey, I did join 2 months ago so I'm not a complete noob :oops: )

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Mar 25th, '08, 19:55
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by Chip » Mar 25th, '08, 19:55

I am just being obnoxious, a lot of spam lately. But you passed muster.

Shizuoka teas could be available by mid April from O-Cha. Kagoshima was stocked late last year for some unknown reason. Uji is usually early to mid May.

Mar 28th, '08, 21:46
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by 7th-heaven » Mar 28th, '08, 21:46


I'm a newbie to this site, but I think I've been a green tea drinker for a long time. I used to drink Chinese green tea, some are also really expensive. I've only switched to Japanese green tea for the past year or so for a simple reason that in North America thru newspapers that we are starting to get information about how Chinese food products are treated and processed.
My thinking about sharing info. is that when I said/referred to something I usually showed what I found which may includes the sources (web sites) of a certain products. I have not read all restriction/regulation about this site when I'm posting/replying a question.
About Shizuoka's Gyokuro (bulk) tea which I've had experienced with, in no way I'm promoting their products. I found their products along with this "Tea Chat" web sites thru Google search.
I did try to buy gyokuro teas from Ocha (thru info. sharing to this site from Olivierco) and others to test the differences. You could read some of my own opinion and others about the results:

I hope all will keep sharing experiences about green teas and other tea products to others. Please keep an open mind when sharing ifo.


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