I just want to say...

Made from leaves that have not been oxidized.

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May 11th, '08, 23:36
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I just want to say...

by joelbct » May 11th, '08, 23:36

....thank Heaven for Japanese Green Tea! Image

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May 12th, '08, 01:23
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by bambooforest » May 12th, '08, 01:23

Let it all out my friend. Cry tears of joy. We will cry with you.

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May 12th, '08, 01:27
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by tenuki » May 12th, '08, 01:27

yes, it keeps us satisfied when we can't find good chinese green tea!! :twisted:

May 12th, '08, 03:05
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by devites » May 12th, '08, 03:05

I have never not been satisfied with a japanese green and I have a sencha that is about 1 dollar an ounce and it is still amazing. Chinese greens can be good, but you have to pay a lot for the good stuff (dragonwell). Matcha is so amazing.

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